Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dems to Study Possible Primary Changes

A few days ago, the AP reported that the Democrat National Committee formed a 40-member panel Friday to study whether to shake up the dominance that Iowa and New Hampshire wield in presidential elections. Wow, 40 members! The AP article went on to point out that this commission is several times larger than a typical government commission. For example, by contrast, the 911 Commission consisted of 11 members and the Social Security Reform Commission had 16 members.

Furthermore, the commission's co-chair, Rep. David Price (D-NC) said "It's a rather modest size as Democrat commissions go."

Why do Democrats typically have so many members on commission studies? I assume it's because if you put just one or two representatives from each disparate group that make up the Democrat party, you will easily come up with about that number.

Therein lies a problem for them.

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