Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't let the doorknob hit you in the buttocks

Here's an extremely sad story about a disheartened liberal couple who just can't take it anymore. They haven't smiled since John Kerry lost back in '04. They are threatening to make the big move to Canada! (Yes my fun visits to Daily Kos are becoming alarmingly frequent.)

An excerpt from this sad, sad story:

We cannot afford to stay. It is that simple. It's not that we are persecuted, like our friend's friends were under the Nazis. It's not that we are unpatriotic or disloyal, as some would say. It's not even that we are so discouraged that we must crawl away to a distant place to lick our wounds. We are not frightened, we are not retreating from battle.

We're just out of resources, and the struggle for resources is draining us from doing the work we know needs to be done. The most valuable resource we have is the house; it is in a great location(five blocks from the Senate) and now, with a new paint job and a yard sale this morning to eliminate excess material goods, it might sell quickly and at a price high enough that we can take the opportunity to do the right action and have more inspired moments.

For us, we are thinking that we will buy some land and build a solar house. We will write about it. We will continue to observe the struggle for democracy and to offer advice when asked, when compensated, and when we can help others be effective.
I would suggest you not be holding your breath while waiting for that compensation part. I would also suggest you not get sick up there.

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