Saturday, February 16, 2008

New England Patriots: Humanitarians (as well as cheaters)

From Yahoo --

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and ended the season with a perfect 19-0 record -- at least it looks that way in Nicaragua.

The NFL donated 290 Patriots hats and an equal number of team jerseys trumpeting the slogans "Super Bowl Champions, 19-0" to impoverished children from two small communities in southern Nicaragua.

Thursday's gifts could not change history -- the Patriots lost the Feb. 3 game to the New York Giants 17-14 -- but they made a lot of youngsters in the communities of San Gregorio and Buena Vista very happy, said Miriam Diaz, spokeswoman for the humanitarian organization World Vision, which arranged the donation with the NFL.

"They (Patriots) lost, but the children won," Diaz said.

The only "football" most of the children know is soccer, but they were very enthusiastic about the U.S. version of the game once the rules were explained to them, she said.

"They were very happy to receive the hats and jerseys," Diaz said. "They said they did not expect such a surprise."

Neither did the Patriots.

Here is the actual transcript from the meeting wherein the heart-warming, humanitarian decision to donate these embarrassing items to the poor kids of Nicaragua:

"Sir, what should we do with these boxes of caps and shirts you had printed up for the Super Bowl victory party?"

"What the hell do I care? Just tell Camila to get 'em out of my sight."

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