Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Global Aging: more serious than global warming!

There has been so much written about global warming in the past many years, that an even-more threatening crisis has gone virtually unnoticed. I am speaking, of course, about global aging. Do you realize that the entire earth is now older than it has been in over one million years? What are the ramifications of this to the citizens of this small delicate planet? Plenty: And none of them are good.

For one thing, Almost all the water we now drink has been previously used. Amost no FRESH water is left on this aging orb. No matter how you look at it, recycled water will never be as good as fresh unused water available in the past.

Consider the soil, not only is global warming threatening our future crops, but the fact is that our dirt is just wearing out. Dirt is not what it used to be. The days of just rotating crops to affect soil replenishment are just about over.

Considering just these two examples of our aging earth, now let's consider what is the ultimate fate of global aging? For that answer we have to look at the building blocks for everything, the molecules. Do think these little buggers aren't wearing out also? These molecules are made up of atoms, which in turn, are nothing but protons and neutrons with little electrons circling around them. What else do we know? There is no such thing as perpetual motion! Sooner or later, the little electons will slown down and stop. What happens then? Matter collapses! And the aging earth will die.

As a matter of fact, indications are that it is already happening nearby! Black holes are now appearing all through our universe. As a matter of fact, scientists now fear that a black hole exists near the middle of our very own glaxy just billions of light years from earth.

What can we do about this crisis? The same as with global warming: NOTHING!

Advice to everyone regarding both global warming and global aging:

In the words of the great philospher Mel Brooks. "Relax your sphincters."

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