Friday, August 19, 2005

McCain and Hillary confirm USA's responsibility for global warming--(or wackos on a junket)

OK, Hillary, and McCain, in full campaign mode, take a few other non-descript senators to Alaska and the Yukon for a few days, talk to a few Indians and come back and pronounce that we should all quit doubting that global warming is happening really bad and we, the USA, need to fix it ASAP, because we are causing it.

Here are some noteworthy exerpts and quotes taken from one article covering their subsequent declarations to the world.
On a high-profile and bi-partisan fact-finding tour in Alaska and Canada's Yukon territory, Senators John McCain, a Republican, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic senator for New York, were confronted by melting permafrost and shrinking glaciers and heard from native Inuit that rising sea levels were altering their lives.
Oh golly gosh, there's a place on earth where the temperature is not staying constant? We got to do something about this for sure!

"The question is how much damage will be done before we start taking concrete action," Mr McCain said at a press conference in Anchorage.
Translation: Concrete action means more arbitrary restrictions on USA industry. That ought to be politically opportune for his political base, since he can't rely on conservative voters anyway. Remember New Hampshire?

Mrs Clinton added: "I don't think there's any doubt (of man-made global warming) left for anybody who actually looks at the science. There are still some holdouts, but they're fighting a losing battle. The science is overwhelming."
So, the world's smartest woman, is now one of it's leading scientific experts? Whatta laugh!

"--this summer, the US National Academy of Sciences - and the scientific academies of the other G8 nations as well as Brazil, China and India - issued a statement saying there was strong evidence that significant global warming was happening and that "it is likely that most of the warming in recent decades can be attributed to human activities".
If they had just gone on the junket with John and Hill, they could have modified that statement by changing "it is likely" to "damn certain"!

Hillary said that, flying over the Yukon, she saw forests devastated by spruce bark beetles, believed to be increasing at an unprecedented rate because of warmer weather. She also talked of what a 93-year-old woman at a fish camp at Whitehorse told her. The woman said she had been fishing there all her life but now fish have strange bumps on them.
Oooh, beetles and fish bumps! Man, this science thing is really something! Just overwhelming!

Conclusion (mine): Alaska and the Yukon are probably warmer now than they have been in the life of the oldest Indian in the in territory. So what? Doesn't scientific evidence show conclusively that the earth's climate goes through LONG-TERM cycles? It gets colder and it gets warmer. It is now getting warmer. The cycles last for hundreds of thousands of years at least. Where's the evidence that mankind has had any affect on the current warming trend? Who measured the CO2 content of the atmosphere before the industrial revolution? Who measured the earth's atmospheric temperature hundreds of years ago to compare todays temperature with? And where did they measure it?

The science is just overwhelming? Don't make me laugh, Hillary. Spend more time studying your own bumps.

God bless President George W. Bush and his steadfast opposition to junk like the Kyota protocol, and other political boondoggles including those of global warming wackos on recent senatoral junkets.


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