Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another better headline

Bad Iraq War News Worries Some in G.O.P. on '06 Vote
Blares the NY Times headline.

The article under this headline says
"-- a convergence of events - including the protests inspired by the mother of a slain American soldier outside Mr. Bush's ranch in Texas, the missed deadline to draft an Iraqi Constitution and the spike in casualties among reservists - was creating what they said could be a significant and lasting shift in public attitude against the war."
Of the three cited events, the tragic deaths of our brave military people are far and away the most significant by any measure, of course. But by all indications I've seen, the American people do not favor the lefist, pacifist view that we should withdraw our troops from Iraq until the Iraqi people are better prepared to deal with the insurgents on their own; an exit strategy of President Bush from the very beginning of the war. The American people, although they are surely dreary of the war, do not want to abandon the cause prematurely since that would render all the ultimate sacrifices to have been in vain. The petty political ramifications are therefore completely irrelevant.

Of the other two "significant" events cited by the NYT, I think it is the stretch of all time to assert that Cindy Sheehan and the small rag-tag group of protesters in Crawford are having any effect at all, despite the best efforts of the radical left groups in concert with the main stream media. Sure, she is adored by the left-wing media and the wacky liberals for trying to embarrass and undermine President Bush, but she is not making any conversions to her cause. If she's having any effect at all, it is just the opposite. Heck, she can't even get her own family to support her!

And as to the point that the GOP will be hurt because the new Iraqi government didn't meet a deadline: I guess we just are too accustomed to our own congress working together harmoniously for the common good of our country; like clockwork, meeting all deadlines. Oh yeah.

I think a much more appropriate headling for this NYT piece of journalistic doo-doo would be:

Democrats, still having nothing to offer, continue to pin '06 election hopes on emphasizing any and all bad news out of Iraq

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