Monday, April 18, 2005

Idiotic Item of the Day

Check out this unbelievably goofy item from This is

A row broke out today over sperm donations as internet companies are accused of putting women's lives at risk by dealing in untested samples.

Firms are sending out fresh sperm by courier to women for home insemination within two hours. One of the companies,, based in Reading, claims that by providing fresh sperm it gets around new regulations which say donors can no longer have anonymity. The new rule only applies to frozen sperm. However, doctors said today such businesses were putting women and their children at risk as the sperm samples did not undergo testing. is run by businessman Nigel Woodforth, who got the idea after overhearing a woman complain that she had wanted children but her exboyfriend had not. She apparently said: "Wouldn't it be great if you could get sperm delivered to your door like milk."

And now, thanks to Nigel, you can!

Let me summarize: A woman decides she wants a baby. So naturally she sits down at her computer and orders some fresh sperm online from Nigel's company. It arrives within two hours from some happy but unknown donor. She immediately inseminates herself with it while it is still fresh. Apparently only after this, does she and other's like her start to feel that Nigel's internet company has put them at risk? Isn't it likely that the fact you have no brains may be your greatest risk in life, dear lady?

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