Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pseudo-Crisis No. 3 - Energy Shortages

It is frequently said we are rapidly depleting our reserves of crude oil, and are more and more dependent on foreign sources. Similarly, it is often noted we are pushing our present refining capacity to the limit. While both of these statements are true to an extent, and do pose possible future prolems, the problems are easily solvable. Much of the dependency on foreign crude could be alleviated immediately if the environmental whackos, as Rush calls them, would quit obstructing oil drilling and production off the East Coast, Florida, California and in Alaska. The reasons we are facing a possible future shortage of refining capacity are similar overly-restrictive environmental concerns.

Energy is not in crisis. And long before it becomes such, the great US oil industry can and will take care of it, providing the government will not stand in the way to pacify nutjob whackos.

And, of course, the above completely ignores the use of nuclear power generation; the cleanest, most efficient method of all. Even the French can and do use nuclear power generation!

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