Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pseudo-Crisis No. 1- Global Warming

First in a Series of Pseudo and Real Crises

If you listen to the liberal environmental whackos, our poor old fragile earth is about 1.2 degrees centigrade from irreversable disaster. And this point of no return could happen in the next ten years, they say. Violent storms, droughts, rising ocean levels, floods, deforestation, famine, plagues, etc., will result.

Really? Talk about drawing some wild conclusions from some very sparse and creative data. I keep wondering where they get those pre-industrial-age climate temperature and CO2 data used for comparison with today's. Who did the measuring in 1750? What instruments did they use? Where did they take those measurements? And even if there were good climate records thoughout the intervening 255 years, what basis is there to predict all the violent events that will take place when the earth gets another 1-2 deg C warmer? I'd like to see them get those predictive models approved by some of my past bosses! They'd be carrying their heinies home in their satchels.

Face it, man couldn't warm up this planet if we all worked 24/7 trying to do it.

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Korla said...

Never has a pseudoscience with so little evidence to actually back it up gotten so much mouth from world "leaders" and "reputable" scientists. There is no actual scientific measurement that can show any increase in overall planetary temperature over the past 100 years. They didn't even have measurements of most of the Earth's surface 100 years ago. Especially not down to the tenth of one degree, which has the end-of-the-worlders all excited.

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