Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Democrats' Difficulties in Picking a DNC Chair Pinpoints Their BIG Problems Overall

Today the seven men vying for the DNC chairmanship brought their travelling show to San Fransico where they put on their dog and donkey show before 65 members of the DNC plus hundreds of interested activists including a bunch of noisy "Deaniacs" according to

As usual, the seven candidates, in turn, touted themselves as being effective in organizating grass-roots efforts in all 50 states. They say they can all raise money. Frost says he is experienced in fighting Republicans in Texas. Although he did not likely emphasize his recent experience in LOSING to Republicans in Texas. All are pro-abortion except for Tim Roemer, who therefore has zero chances of winning. Dean says he "will stand up for the moral values that have been part of this party for a long, long time." (!?)

All in all, the Democrats are in quite a box in even selecting who will be the head of DNC. Whoever is elected will have a tough row to hoe. Frost would not be popular with the Deaniacs, and Dean would not be popular with Oklahomians.

Thoughout all their discussions and 'debates', I have yet to see a shred of evidence of any issues the Democrats will be putting forth as positive, proactive proposals to help voters. They can only stress what they are against: And, of course that is anything and everything the Republicans are doing and planning to do. The reason nothing positive and proactive can be put forward, is because of the fragmented, disparate nature of the Democrat party's base. Just as most of them will not like the soon-to-be-named new chairman of the DNC, most of them would not approve of any given issue other than hating the Republicans. This all bodes well for Republicans again in 2006.

Although I am personally pulling for Howard Dean, I predict that Martin Frost will be the next Chairman of the DNC. The Deaniacs will be shrieking vile chants and starting yet another "third" party.

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