Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cahill Admits Underestimating (Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) Ads' Impact

The AP article can be found here on Yahoo News

Mary Beth Cahill, the campaign manager for John Kerry, speaking at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government with Ken Mehlman, President Bush’s campaign manager, made this headline revelation.

Stealing from John McLaughlin, perhaps a better headline would be--

Cahill Demonstrates a Keen Grasp of the Obvious

Some other noteworthy observations from Mary Beth:

She said the Swift Boat Ads show the power of news coverage, particularly cable news stations, which amplified the ads by running them repeatedly.

Comment: It is interesting to note that the news coverage was at least as intense and repetitive about President Bush’s alleged lax National Guard duty; but that did not get near as much traction as did the Swift Boat Vets ads. Wonder why?

She said if she could change one thing about the campaign it would be the timing of the conventions. By scheduling their convention about five weeks after the Democrats, the Republicans gained a fund-raising advantage… .

Comment: Does that mean if the timing had been different, then the Kerry campaign could have had MORE than $15,000,000 left in their bank account after the election?

Cahill said Kerry practiced "mock debate after mock debate" and tried to avoid political zingers given the seriousness of the debates while the country was at war. "This was not an election where ‘You’re no John Kennedy’ was going to turn a debate."

Comment: Couldn’t agree more, especially since John Kerry is no Lloyd Bentsen.

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