Friday, December 17, 2004

Are the Attacks on Christmas Backfiring on the Attackers?

My first reaction to all the attacks on Christmas this year was sadness, frustration and anger. However, my secondary and more meaningful reaction has been a re-awakened awareness of what the Christmas season once meant to me. In the past many years, I had all but lost my focus on the true meaning of the Christmas season: It had become nothing more than an over-commercialized drugery. The constant stream of attacks from the left have had the net effect of causing me to once again to view Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

And for that I am thankful.

Any concerns that I might be the only person so affected by these attacks were all but eliminated a couple of days ago after my wife and I attended the annual night Christmas Parade in our town. Compared to last year, there was a bigger crowd, an increased number of entries in the parade (many church groups, student groups, bands, civic groups and businesses). Watching all the smiling faces and the wide-eyed wonder of the children, hearing the warm happy sounds of laughing and the Christmas music, and just the uplifting feeling in the air told me that a lot of people are feeling as good about Christmas as I am.

Maybe all this was just another middle-America happy moment, but I'm convinced it is something more.

The attackers of Christmas probably won't notice any of this. And maybe that's a good thing.


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