Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Remember PUMA's?

Remember PUMA's? I originally understood that PUMA was an acronym for 'Party Unity My Ass'. I read that it now stands for 'People United Means Action'. In either case PUMA is made up of Hillary supporters who know that Obama stole the Democratic caucuses during the primary season. I thought perhaps they had forgotten, forgiven and disbanded. As you can see in the following excerpt from Puma PAC, they definitely have not!

Every time I see a picture or description from DEMOCRATS of Sarah or Hillary in pornographic degradation I think of my daughters and a repulsive image of their heads photoshopped into a porn picture pops into mine. This is what will happen to them if you don’t fight, the voice in my head tells me.

And so, I’ll fight. Alongside every one of us who believes we have more in common with Joe the Plumber than Joe the Senator. More in common with the mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome than the father of the Daily Kos hate machine. And more in common with a brave, young Wellesley College graduate who dared to dream she could be president than with a cowardly, young Harvard graduate who dared to believe he might be the Messiah.

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