Thursday, September 04, 2008

Timothy Egan obviously much prefers a sea of non-pink faced delegates

Timothy Egan said the following in the dwindling rag known as the NY Times:

"As was self-evident among the sea of pink-faced delegates in St. Paul, the Republican base loves Palin. They love that she carried a Down Syndrome baby to term – “living out pro-life values,” as James Dobson said. They love that she told her church it was God’s will that a natural gas pipeline must be built in Alaska. And they certainly love that she knows her way around a gun.

As Rush Limbaugh said on Wednesday, “Palin is twice the man Obama is.”

But Palin’s style may not play outside of Alaska."
Actually Timmy, I think you're about to find out that Palin's style will play extremely well everywhere but the most liberal hell-holes which people like you tend to frequent.

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