Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama, you also can't steer out of these crises when you're out partying with the ultra-rich socialists in Hollywood

Barack Hussein Obama today in Las Vegas:

"This has been a difficult day in a difficult week in a difficult year,” he said, noting today’s attack in Yemen, the worsening financial situation, hurricanes, and the Los Angeles train wreck.

“So there have been a lot of storms this week, but obviously the one that’s getting the most attention today is the storm on Wall Street, where we have seen events that show the stakes in this election could not be higher,” he said. “We can’t steer ourselves out of this crisis using the same old map, we can’t steer ourselves out of the crisis if the new driver is getting directions from the old driver and that’s what this election is all about,” he said, unveiling a new line

Is this something you want to stress the day after you steered yourself to Hollywood to cozy up with idiot celebrities at partys to raise a few bucks for your desperate campaign while all these storms are swirling about?

I say dumb timing big O! Kinduva of a "Stand up, Chuck!" moment even.

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