Thursday, May 01, 2008

More from Daily Kos today

Some fly-weight over at Daily Kos quoted the following from the Rush Limbaugh Show as an example of how much of a hateful race baiter ol' Rush Limbaugh is.

(FROM THE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW) Democrats voted against landmark civil rights legislation; Republicans passed it. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Bull Connor was a Democrat. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats created the welfare state, destroying millions of black families. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats bent over forward for the teachers unions, ruining public education for generations of black kids; leaving them unequipped to participate as equals in American society. Yet! Black voters stayed with Democrats. Democrats urged the early release of criminals to further prey on law-abiding black citizens. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats threw blacks under the bus during the immigration debate. After Rosa Parks finally moved to the front of the bus, Democrats threw blacks under it during the immigration debate because Hispanics are now the largest minority voting bloc. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats have not supported blacks achieving power.

I read it carefully to find out what made the goofy kook get his/her panties in a knot. I'm having trouble finding out anything wrong or hateful in the post he/she has posted. It's all truer than heck as far as I can see.

I find Rush to be both brilliant and a lovable harmless little fuzzball!

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