Friday, April 04, 2008

Total Jerk: Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC)

U.S. Congressman calls Guard in Iraq "A two-bit Security Guard"....

Don Surber writes:

Congressman McHenry, 32, of North Carolina, just returned from Iraq. He told a
gathering of Republicans:

“We spent the night in the Green zone, in the poolhouse of one of Saddam’s palaces. A little weird, I got to be honest with you. But I felt safe. And so in the morning, I got up early — not that I make this a great habit — but I went to the gym because I just couldn’t sleep and everything else. Well, sure enough, the guard wouldn’t let me in. Said I didn’t have the correct credentials. It’s 5:00 in the morning. I haven’t had sleep. I was not very happy with this two-bit security guard. So you know, I said, ‘I want to see your supervisor.’ Thirty minutes later, the supervisor wasn’t happy with me, they escort me back to my room. It happens. I guess I didn’t need to work out anyway.”

Actually, scumbag, you didn't need to be over there wasting our money! And by the way, why arn't you a Democrat?

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