Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bedrock of the Democrat Party?

A Kookian at Daily Kos says the following:

"There's no "deep fractures" in the Democratic party, not like there are in the Republican party, or the way there were in the Democratic party of the 1980's. There are, however, increasingly strong feelings felt by many people who are deeply impressed by Barack Obama, and who are also upset with the campaign run by Hillary Clinton."

"The bedrock of the Democratic party is the African-American vote. African-Americans vote nine to one for Democratic candidates, and Democrats would not win statewide elections in most of the country were it not for that support. Bill Clinton himself never came close to winning the white vote. In fact, not since Lyndon Johnson in 1964 has a Democratic candidate for President won the white vote. African-Americans are at the core of our coalition, and many see the actions of the Clinton campaign—through surrogates like Geraldine Ferraro and even, prior to the South Carolina primary, Bill Clinton himself—as disrespectful or worse toward African-Americans."

Yassir, the bedrock of the Dem Party are the Afro-Americans. But the bedrock is also the Unions, and the Gays, and the Kooks, and the Commies, and the Femi-nazis, and the Trans-Gendered, and the Booger-Eating Morons, and the Lazy, and the Illegal Immigrants, etc. Let's not forget most of those folks don't like each other. Actually, they don't like each other a lot. Actually, actually, they hate each other's guts most of the time.

I'd say the Democrat party by definition is fractured. And with Operation Chaos in full operation it's beginning to become downright impossible for their so-called leaders to keep that unholy mixture of frothing anger all moving in one direction in the voting booth.

A few free cigarettes just won't cut it anymore!

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