Monday, March 24, 2008

California not very good in math

Remember the dreaded "reading" problems in seventh grade math? Such as "A train leaves Los Angeles at 6am heading east at 60 miles per hour while at the same time another train leaves St. Louis at 8am heading west at 50 miles per hour...........? Ooooh those were hard, but most of us learned them eventually.

Here's one that California's finest just could not handle.
A terrorist named Sara Jane was sentenced to five years and four months for killing a woman and planting pipe bombs beneath police cars. Later that sentence is increased to 13 years. Later a year was cut off that sentence with parole possible after half the resulting sentence is served. Even later two years are added to that sentence with parole possible after half the time is served.

Question: After how many years can Sarah Jane be paroled for good behavior?

Six? Right..... er. Wrong. Shoulda been seven. Quick, go round her up! dammit.

Talk about cruel and unusual. Poor Sara Jane

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