Monday, February 04, 2008

Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

The face of the anti-war movement

Oh yeah, she has left the Crawford, Texas ditch and is now in San Francisco running against Nancy Pelosi according to Mother Jones.

As Mother Jones states:

In early August, Sheehan held her first campaign meeting in a San Francisco restaurant. Speaking to a crowd that included Daniel Ellsberg, who helped end the Vietnam War by releasing the Pentagon Papers; assorted activists pimpled in campaign buttons; and a man who pioneered using bodies to spell the word "Impeach" on California beaches, she marveled at the offers of money and volunteers that she'd never received in her days as an activist. "I think that's great," she said, as if the crowd needed to be told, "because this isn't going to be a normal political campaign." (Big surprise...nothing is normal in SF.)

And so far, it hasn't been. Sheehan has reached out to black leaders in the gentrifying Bayview neighborhood, an area she calls "traditionally practically ignored in elections" while also pressing her cause on the global stage, visiting Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria last summer and planning a trip to Egypt this month to attend a terrorism trial with human rights implications. It's all relevant to her race in San Francisco, she insists. "I think that's what our campaign is trying to do—just connect all these dots." (I think she meant dolts.)

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t said...

The fact that Cindy elicits no comments speaks for itsself!

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