Friday, February 08, 2008

The un-democratic Democrats

A mini-primer on superdelegates

The Democratic Party has been criticized for conducting its nominating process in a non-democratic fashion, since it has so many so-called 'superdelegates' who are not obligized to support the candidates chosen by voters in their home state's presidential primary or caucus. There have been repeated calls to eliminate the superdelegates from the nomination process to more accurately reflect the popular vote. Of course the party elites ignore these pleas.

At this years Democrat National Convention in Denver, there will be 4049 voting delegates who will select the Democrat presidential nominee. Of these, about 796 will be 'superdelegates'.

Who are these superdelegates who make up one-fifth of the total voting delegation? They are high-ranking elected officials and other party leaders are shown below. Specific names can be seen by clicking on the following categories.

Ex-Presidents and Vice-Presidents
DNC Members

Can't you just imagine the pressure that the cash-strapped Clinton machine is putting on these super-dudes in view of the tight race she and Obama are in right now?

Vote our way, you get earmarks. Vote the other way, you lose your thumbs.

Primaries? We don need no stinkin primaries?

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