Monday, February 11, 2008

Selected- Not Elected?

The democrats wanted to do away with the electoral college after Bush won over Gore in 2000 even though Gore won more popular votes. "It just isn't fair to ignore the wishes of the voters" they screamed. And that victim-wail has been repeated ad nauseam ever since.

Now skip to 2008. It is entirely possible that Barry O. will win the popular vote from all the primaries and cauci BUT not become the Democrat nominee due to the cockamamie system that gives 796 party hacks the title of super-delegates and empowers them to pay no heed to the voters wishes. They can vote for whomever they damn well want (or pays them the most).

This goof-ball, non-democratic system, coupled with the Michigan-Florida primary lockout debacle gives a huge advantage to the Clinton political machine over the Obama-swooners club.

It looks very likely that Hillary might well be selected and not elected to be the party's 2008 presidential nominee.

And the voters reaction? Can you say 'Chicago 1968'?

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