Sunday, February 03, 2008

Don Surber: The Super Bowl as a political metaphor

From Don Surber

The Red State Giants clipped the Blue State Patriots.

Headed by the latest Greatest Quarterback of All Time in the NFL, the New England team — and don’t you dare question their patriotism — was destined to make history.

Their quarterback was so sexy, models wanted to have his baby and I think a couple of them did.

The Patriots wore deep, dark blue uniforms.

Meanwhile the Giants with their red piping were the underdogs, expected to lose by 12 states, er, points.

As to their quarterback, he’s no Y.A. Tittle. And Giants fans are always looking for a Y.A. Tittle.

Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News put it well: “Eli Manning used to be a bum in New York. … People said he would never measure up to his big brother Peyton.”

The Giants hung in tough, but ultimately, the Pats prevailed with a touchdown in the waning minutes. The Giants could not possibly win …

Not with that quarterback …

He’s not perfect.

Giants 17, Patriots 14.

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