Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Man surprised Bush unwilling to wait on bipartisanship

Allen Sloan, writing in Washington voices surprise that President Bush is not willing to "wait on bipartisanship" before attacking the Social Security problem. Since the Democrats ONLY cogent thought, plan, goal and strategy is to demonstrate their unabashed hatred of him, it shouldn't take a genius to see that bipartisanship will not occur on this President's watch. But be prepared for future surprises Mr. Sloan. This President has a way of winning on issues while simultaneously making the Democrats look more inept and angry with every passing day (witness the recent King funeral-turned-Wellstone-memorial-II).

Sloan goes on to say "What remains to be seen is whether this time around Bush follows through on forming a bipartisan commission and whether he can get credible Democrats to join it. Obviously the answer to the latter part is "no" since credible Democrats have gone the way of the dinosaurs,except for perhaps Lieberman and Ben Nelson on good days.

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