Friday, February 17, 2006

The curious case of lobbyest Jack Abramhoff -- News with a verse

From the clever writings of Gene Weingarten in Jewish World Review.

He swindled Indians, fleeced their tribes

And spread some cash that looked like bribes.

In bills and laws this guy was meddling.

It sounds a lot like influence peddling.

He copped a plea, and the pols went nuts,

Running to cover their ample butts.

They sent back cash they were shocked to find

Was from this guy! It had slipped their mind!

Now the congressmen, who look like fools,

Have gone to work to change the rules

— To make it harder to be bought.

(Or maybe harder to be caught.)

With pigs and pork at all the troughs,

They're fearing future Abramoffs!

Sounds like words from a felon's pen —

"Stop me before I swill again."

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