Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rush on Alito hearings in progress

Watching Alito and the Democrat Senators is like watching Texas QB Vince Young run circles around the JV team of USC, no offense against USC.

Sen. Lahey is sounding more and more like Larry Flynt.

Ted Kennedy and the other dem Committee members are taking a cue from MSM and is trying to be as mean as they can be today. This will make them look even worse.

Kennedy and Lahey are trying to make Alito become the monster they want him to be.

Kennedy was expelled from Harvard for cheating, and left a woman to die at Chappaquiddick, and yet is lecturing Alito on moral matters.

Kennedy's Daddy was anti-semite.

They have heard from the left (move-on, Soros, etc.) and the democrat committee members are feeling threatened.

The left is angry and depressed this morning that their committee members haven't been able to lay a hand on Alito.

Democrat committee members don't even know Alito is running rings around them.

Lahey has voted over and over for former KKK leader Sen. Byrd to be the Senate democrat leader.

Democrat committee members are just a bunch of hollowed out old husks.

Biden managed only five questions in his 30 minutes of questioning yesterday.

The democrats motivations are wrong, their efforts are incompetent and their hearts are impure.

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