Friday, November 18, 2005

Democrats and Republicans agree (in a very hostile sort of way) on no immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Let me summarize:

Rep. Murtha (D-PA) wants to withdraw troops from Iraq pronto. He says things ain't going good there.

Murtha is a decorated Vietnam war hero, so the Dems and all their accomplices in the big media adopt him as their voice of reason for the moment

He gets Cindy Sheehan-type publicity from the mainstream press. The press summarizes his position as "WITHDRAW FROM IRAQ NOW!".

The House Republicans think these headlines send the wrong message by a) harming our troops morale, b) damaging our war efforts against terrorists, and c) aiding and embolding our evil terrorist enemies.

So rather than sit there and take it like they usually do, they act. Yay! They quickly propose a non-binding resolution to do exactly what the liberal press headlines say: Withdraw now.

They debate. The democrats act like a bunch of immature grade school kids who need their butts spanked. (That'll happen in 2006). Lots of insults and whines and anger. Not a good example for a civics class I'd say.

They vote. And voila, the Democrats and Republicans almost unanimously declare that they do not agree with those Murtha-inspired headlines. It was especially inspiring the way they all wanted to show their individual objections to immediate troop withdrawal by taking a recorded vote for the record.

Democracy is a beautiful thing.

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