Monday, October 24, 2005

Tom Harkin on C-SPAN right now

He's mighty worried about bird flu. Old Bull-Poop is wanting the pharmaceutical industry to move quickly to build facilities for producing vaccine. Gotta do sumpin' FAST! Mighty fast! Gol darn it, times a wastin!

Flap, flap, flap, flap.

Of course he's just playing second fiddle to Chuck Schumer who's already gotten photo ops out of his good intentions of wanting to head off this coming PAN-DEM-IC.

Looks like Tommy and Chuckie think the solution is found within the pharmaceutical industy!

The shame of you two noble Progressives pleading for help from that crooked, evil, money-grubbing, BIG corporation pharmaceutical industry. Have you guys forgotten this industry wants us all to get sick so they can get richer and richer by selling us over-priced medicines? Hell-fire, why don't you two heros pass some appropriate legislation instead of making fools of yourselves by begging these money-grubbing corporations for help?

I got it! Let's nationalize 'em and make up turn out vaccines and medicines for FREE!! Yeah, that's it. Free for everyone. Why not? We are the richest country on earth. And, the country would never forget you for your courageous and brilliant actions.


Liberals would be totally disgusting if they weren't so friggin funny.

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