Monday, September 19, 2005

My take on current stuff

In no particular order --
  • Democrats and their willing accomplises in the media are working harder than ever to defeat President Bush in the arena of public opinion-- nevermind he doesn't make decisions by poll numbers and he will retire undefeated.
  • Bill Clinton is working harder than ever to establish his legacy-- the only problem there is that his legacy is already firmly established: It's name is Monica.
  • Al Gore is still nuts.
  • Hillary Clinton can't walk a tightrope well enough to become President.
and in a related matter,
  • The looney left now dominates the Democrat party. -- and what ain't looney lefist, looks like "Weekend at Bernie's".
and in a further related matter,
  • The national Democrat party is doomed. -- It's as if Republicans wrote their playbook and elected their Chairman.
  • The people of Afghanistan and Iraq have tasted democracy and the seeds of change are firmly planted. Sure there will be lots of strife, but so it was during the birth of our country two hundred years ago.
  • The failure of liberalism is now on bold display in New Orleans. This failure will only become more and more undeniable as the story of Katrina continues to unfold.
  • The Yankees won't be in the playoffs this year and baseball will be better off because of it.
  • Environmental wackos can (and usually do) use any event prove that global warming is real and that mankind caused it.
  • News reporters in general are not as smart as the general population.
  • The phrase "under God" stays in MY pledge!
  • Texas is a wonderful, big-hearted state, but you still don't want to mess with it! -- and that goes double for the people of Houston.

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