Monday, September 19, 2005

Global warming gobbledigook - always read the weasel words!

In the following article by the BBC News, an ace "science" reporter comes up with the headline that blares:

'Warming link' to big hurricanes

Just for fun, read the complete article and count all the weasel words and phrases used therein.

For example, take just these two short paragraphs:

Some US scientists say that greenhouse warming may be driving the most severe events, such as Katrina, although more research is needed to be sure.

The author of the study, Dr Peter Webster, told the BBC News website: "What I think we can say is that the increase in intensity is probably accounted for by the increase in sea surface temperature and I think probably the sea surface temperature increase is a manifestation of global warming."

Damn, that's conclusive, isn't it?

Wouldn't a more accurate headline have been

Scientists say there is insufficient data to relate warming to big hurricanes


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