Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another example of Democratic betrayal of their loyal African American constituents

Democrats in Congress have proven they are willing to take dramatic steps to protect the interests of many of their loyal constituent groups....

  • For NOW, NARAL, et al, they filibuster judicial nominees they fear would overturn or restrict access to abortions
  • For AFL/CIO, they fight for union rights
  • For teachers, they fight any attempt to put accountability into the schools
  • For the environmental groups, they fight for the Kyoto treaty and prevent drilling off the California coast and Alaska
  • For those opposed to the war, they give their money and support (e.g. Cindy Sheehan)

But when the "racist" Bush administration and the Republicans "cut funding" for levees that are the only line of defense for poor African Americans in New Orleans (because their inept local / state governments cannot get them out of the way of one of the largest hurricanes to strike the US), did the Democrats filibuster? Did they run television ads stating how bad this was? Did invest money to fight this? Did Ted Kennedy appear on Larry King Live and tell how the Bush administration was purposely putting the lives of these African Americans at risk? Did Sean Penn or any of his Hollywood types draw attention to it? Did Michael Moore or Martin Sheen take up this cause as they have done for Cindy Sheehan? Did Hillary Clinton fight to keep FEMA separate for the Department of Homeland Defense?

Of course the answer is no to all of the above. Obviously it wasn't important enough to the Democrats. They simply concluded there was no need to fight to protect the interest of the poor African Americans... afterall, the Democrats have always been able to take their support and votes for granted.

And they've proven it again.

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squatlow said...

Oh yes, we are all soooooo racist. the poor African Americans. Bush is is purposly puting them at risk.
man, these are sorry exuses of why Bush should not be president. these people will blame Bush for the stupidist little things that no one could control. Democrates: the pathetic party

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