Monday, July 11, 2005

Parrot grasps concept of zero thus making it smarter than today's Democrat party reports the following:

Alex, a 28-year-old African gray parrot who lives in a lab at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, has a brain the size of a walnut. But when confronted with no items on a tray where usually there are some, he says "none."

Zero is thought to be a rather abstract concept even for people. Children typically don't grasp it until age three or four, Brandeis researchers say. Some ancient cultures lacked a formal term for zilch, even as recently as the Middle Ages.

It appears the "rather abstract concent" of zero is especially difficult for today's Democrat party to grasp. They seem to be unaffected by the fact that having ZERO positive ideas to offer the American people has resulted in ZERO national election wins in recent years. This grim fact (from their lame perspective) doesn't seem to stimulate their walnut-sized brains sufficiently to make them even consider varying from their failed one-page playbook of political strategery of exclusive obstructionism and negativity.

In summary; modern Democrats, dumber than parrots and rapidly becoming extinct.

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