Saturday, July 30, 2005

The DLC National Meeting: A convention about nothing

I set my barf bucket beside my big chair last night and watched some more C-Span coverage of the 2005 DLC National meeting with my kid. To paraphrase the old Seinfeld series, it was a "show about nothing". First we listened to Sen. Evan Bayh. His speech would have been painful were it not so funny. I was reminded of a friend of mine, whose description of talking at great length without having anything to say as "verbal diarrhea". And that Son-of a-Birch has it bad. He also reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt, except in Evan's case, he speaks softly and doesn't even have a stick to carry; almost Kerry-like.

At the end of his speech, I thought that no one could be more caught up in himself that Evan Bayh. But then along came Gov. Mark Warner. Oh my! He apparently has been thumping his chest so much recently that he broke his right hand. Talk about a big cast! At first wondered why he was wearing an oven mitt and then I thought it was a hand puppet. I spent most of his speech wondering how he put on his shirt and jacket. As a matter of fact, this guy's hand cast is exceeded in size only by his ego. His speech consisted of telling us how well he is governing the state of Virgina and how badly everything else in this country is going. Another five-minute speech packed into thirty-plus minutes.

I sat through most of Warner's verbal autobiography, then emptied my barf bucket and went to bed.

By the way, by what I have seen, the DLC national meeting in 1995 attracted over 1500 democrats whereas this years' meeting drew only "a little over 300". And so it goes for the dems. Honey I shrunk the party.

They are still promising us a positive agenda, and it will apparently be out as soon as Queen Hillary comes up with one that'll make all factions of the Democrat party happy. Surely they can find some common ground other than their intense hatred for (and jealousy of) President Bush. They seem to forget that Bush ain't running for office any more. President George W. Bush will retire UNDEFEATED!

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