Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dems still running on empty

I spend some time every few days searching for any signs of dems coming up with some positive ideas for the future. So far nothing. Indicative of this emptiness is the website of Ruy Teixeira hilariously called The Emerging Democratic Majority.

The following is a page from that site:

Recent Articles About Political Strategy

The updating of the EDM library and recent articles sections has been temporarily suspended. A new and redesigned library section will become available after November 4th

The articles listed in this section are selected from a wide range of leading political magazines and newspapers. The full list of publications covered is shown on the Strategy Center page.

The list includes articles published during the last 14 days. The articles are also permanently stored in the Political Strategy Library.

There are currently no recent articles.

Look at that last line again:

There are currently no recent articles.

Says volumes, eh?

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