Thursday, June 02, 2005

W. Mark Felt, hero or sore loser?

AP Photo reports that W. Mark Felt, a.k.a. Deepthroat, violated FBI and Justice Department policies by sharing with reporters information about the Watergate scandal, and may have even broken some laws. The law-breaking factors are no longer pertinent since he waited until the statute of limitations for prosecution had expired before announcing his "heroic"actions 30 years ago.

According to the AP story in MyWay, "John Barrett, a law professor at St. John's University in New York, said that among the many ironies in the Deep Throat story is that Felt, as the official who ran the FBI on a day-to-day basis, almost certainly had to deal with the sort of employee misconduct that he apparently engaged in."

One unanswered question raised both by Barrett, a prosecutor in the Iran-Contra investigation, and di Genova is why Felt chose to work with a reporter instead of taking his concerns about White House interference with the FBI to Congress.

"If the head of the FBI and the Justice Department criminal division are both pipelines to the White House, perhaps you go across the branches of government to Congress, if you're a responsible government official," Barrett said.

It seems to me that a principled hero would have gone through those official, legal channels and not sulk around a darken parking garage, like a rat, whispering to newspaper reporters. His motivation? Disappointment at not getting the top job at FBI after J. Edgar Hoover died.

W. Mark Felt, poor loser.

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