Saturday, June 25, 2005

Senate Democrats: In a quagmire on a precipice

Can't be in much worse position than that. They have created the quagmire by repeatedly defining themselves as just opposing anything that President Bush if for. Senate dems certainly don't help themselves by continually being defined by various combinations of a drunk, a former klansman, anti-military crybaby Jane Fonda wannabes, Daschle Lite, northeast liberal snobs, whiners of all stripes, etc. The only thing that unites them and their factious party is their intense hatred of President Bush. Hatred blinds them and binds them. I don't see how that particular cast of misfits can possibly slither out of that quagmire.

To make matters even worse for the bad guys (and better for the good guys), this whole sorry cess pool of Democrat senators is located beside a deep precipice, and if the democrats don't pull themselves out and offer some good alternatives to the American people soon (and i mean REAL SOON), it will all be flushed over the cliff by the electorate. Filibusters and total obstructionism by liberals will be a thing of the past. It will have gone the way of influence by liberal newspapers, CNN and CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

I don't think they can climb out of the muck. If they had any positive agendas, don't you think they would have aired them by now?

All it's going to take is a couple more elections. Just around the corner...

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