Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hillary's transparent Jeckyl and Hyde act

Poor Hillary, the new news media is not letting her get away with her Jeckyl and Hyde routine as would be the case if the liberal media were still dominant. If there were no talk radio, Fox News Channel and conservative bloggers, then main street America would only see and hear the fawning liberal press play up Hill's big turn to the middle, as her hubby the Bubba appeared to do just prior to the 1990 campaign. We real American's would not see/hear her hate-filled liberal ranting as she speaks to looney leftists during her money-raising forages to the coasts.

What a complicated life the poor dems lead. They have to pretend they are something they are not in order to try (unsuccessfully I might add) to get middle-American votes, but they have to reveal their true selves to the extreme-liberal groups to raise money. And now, thanks to the new media, we get to see it all!

No wonder the dems are in such a losing streak.

May they long be condemned to transparent Jeckyl and Hyde existences, and long live the dem's losing streak.

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