Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Florida Democratic Party Faces IRS Lien; $900,000 Shortage

According to Local6News as reported in Drudge,
Broke and without enough money in the bank to pay its bills after the end of the month, the Florida Democratic Party has now been slapped with a lien by the Internal Revenue Service for failing to pay payroll and Social Security taxes in 2003. The state party's budget and finance committee voted Tuesday to ask for a new audit to account for more than $900,000 it believes somehow disappeared from the books during the 2003-2004 calendar years when the party was led by Scott Maddox, who is now seeking its nomination for governor.
This alone should qualify and possibly enable Maddox to become the Democrat candidate for governor it seems to me. "Follow the money" sayeth Deep Throat.
"It's very important that we reassure our donor base and all the Democrats that we're on top of this situation," (Leon County committeeman Jon) Ausman said.
No Jon, It's important that you pay your damn taxes!

The state Republican Party, which operates with a larger (and probably much more honest) staff at its Tallahassee headquarters, has raised close to $5 million already this year and has several million in the bank, a party source said Tuesday.

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