Monday, May 16, 2005

Voinovich: Discovering the bitter fruits of wobbliness?

Many conservatives have expressed their extreme displeasure with Sen. George Voinovich over his outrageous remarks against John Bolton during last week's Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting. I'm sure his office has received many negative letters, emails and phone calls from conservatives as a result. The interesting thing is that while reading through some liberal blog sites for giggles, I discovered that the loopy leftists are also angry with him. Their anger centers around the fact that after he said all the negative things about Bolton, he then refused to follow up on his stance and block Bolton's nomination from the full senate vote. I therefore expect his office also received many outrage messages from the libs as well.

I'm guessing he didn't get many huzzahs from anyone for what he had obviously calculated to be a "courageous and principled stand". That's what wobbliness will get you.

It looks like poor Sen. Voinovich stepped in two piles of excrement in one short committee meeting! That takes a special kind of dummy.

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