Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Modification to wobbly, weak-kneed, gutless GOP senator list

Re my previous post. Sen. Lott explained on Sean Hannity's show this afternoon that his position was badly misrepresented in the press. He claims he would do nothing to weaken the GOP resolve to fight the unconstitutional filibustering of judicial nominess by the wretched senate dims. He claim he is still looking for compromises, but not one that would weaken the senate majority position in ANY WAY.

We'll see.

Assuming what he said today is true, I apologize for referring to him as one of the wobbly, weak-kneed, gutless GOP senators. Take his name off my list and add one of the other several gutless cowards to Hagel and McCain. Take your pick, but don't add Lincoln Chaffee for the moment. I hear he is now going to vote for Bolton.....finally.

Not gutless, maybe, but still an untrustworthy weenie.

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