Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Desert Dust with Iron has Impact on Ocean, Global Climate

I'm still reading Environmental News Network. Under the above gripping headline I find
The iron present in African dust appears to play a major role in global climate change through its impact on ocean biology, but because of the complexity of the processes it needs to be studied methodically. That is the conclusion of a multi-authored article in this week’s April 1st issue of Science. “Global Iron Connections Between Desert Dust, Ocean Biogeochemistry, and Climate” outlines the issues regarding iron and our global climate and the research needed to resolve them.
"Ah Ha -- the search for some really good research grants. We need to study about the effects of fertilizing the ocean. I see. But then comes the last paragraph.
Research should be prioritized to explore how dust migrates and how well the windborne iron is absorbed or used by marine organisms. This kind of iron dust research is essential to improve global models for realistic global climate predictions.
What!? Global models need to be improved? We need more realistic global climate predictions?

I thought we were assured by the global warming experts that we were exactly 1.14 degrees Celsius from irreversable global disaster! Now they tell us that global models need to be improved and more realistic global climate predictions are needed.

Let's all hope that ocean-fertilizing research gets lots of money soon. Meanwhile, back to the whale story.

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