Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Stuff I Heard, and Didn't Hear, on Talk Radio Yesterday

Some things I heard on talk radio yesterday while spending nine hours in the car:

1. Hillary now says things are going well in Iraq. (Hill, be sure and tell Teddy when you get home)

2. McCain says Hillary would make a great president. (Of course he thinks HE would make a good president too. So obviously his judgement is flawed)

3. School children send letters to a Marine wherein most of them criticize the military in Iraq. (Some teacher's butt needs to be fired over this!)

4. President Bush is telling the Europeans like it is....andlike it's gonna be. (Sort of like a victory tour, seems to me)

5. Rush is spending the week in Afghanistan. (Now we're going to find out how well it is going there...finally)

6. There are now more blacks in America who are NOT descendents of slaves than there are who's ancesters were slaves. How does this affect the need for affirmative action?

7. I still didn't hear any definition of what Democrats stand for. I keep waiting.

8. I didn't hear any "Quaqmire" talk from Teddy.

9. Democrats still don't want Americans to have the option to control of any part of their social security program.

10. The left was SO hopeful that the secret Bush tapes would contain something damaging to him, BUT instead the tapes just confirm that George Bush is the same good man whether he is being secretly taped or not. (In contrast to so many others)

11. Some insurance companies are Breedially profiling dogs when writing home-owner policies.

12. I don't recall hearing anything from Reid, Pelosi, Dean. (Were they in group therapy?)

All in all, we had a pleasant trip and a good George Washington's Birthday.

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