Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Senate Vote on Gonzales: Dems Choose to Shoot Selves in Foot One More Time

The AP reports that Democrats won't try to filibuster Alberto Gonzales' nomination to be attorney general but will hold extensive debate over his role in developing the Bush administration's policies on foreign detainees, the Senate's top Democrat, Harry Reid, said Tuesday.

Other than filibustering the nominee, as they have successfully done with several of President Bush's judicial nominees, their choices are to either just have a quick up-or-down vote with minimum debate, or to have a lengthy, harsh debate filled with hateful rhetoric designed to "taint" the nominee and President Bush, as they did (or tried to do) with Condoleezza Rice.

So in their brilliance, they have decided to go with the worse route from their own point of view. The course of action they have chosen will NOT do anything to actually block his nomination, but it WILL show the voters how the Democrats feel about this brilliant and exceptionally qualified man who has a personal success story comparable to that of Secretary Rice.

Seems they must have huddled and concluded that it was not enough to have offended the black voters and female voters with their shameful treatment of Dr. Rice. Now they have mysteriousl
y chosen to put on another showcase to offend the Hispanic voters as well.

So here comes that tired old circus jalopy full of aging clowns one more time to show their collective butts to the American people. You're up Teddy, Joe B, Sheets, Harry, Barbie, etc., etc.

Go for it. Do your thing. Take all the time you want: The more the American people see your pathetic, petty, partisan act, the more it helps the good guys stay in power.

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