Friday, February 11, 2005

Improving the Accuracy of Yet Another Headline

Democrats Demand Bush Halt Attacks on Reid

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The AP reports that Senate Democrats demanded Thursday that President Bush order a halt to personal attacks on the party's leader, Sen. Harry Reid, and expressed regret that they had failed to mount a stronger defense of his defeated predecessor, Tom Daschle.

The letter to Bush was signed by all Senate Democrats except Reid, as well as Sen. James Jefford, an independent from Vermont.

The RNC distributed a 13-page compilation of criticisms, dissecting Reid's voting record and accusing him of obstructing Bush's agenda over the years. One portion of the document notes that the Nevada lawmaker lives in a costly condominium when he is in Washington - a point that Democrats said has no bearing on policy disputes with the White House.

Let me summarize my understanding of this whole matter.

1. The Senate Democrats want President Bush to tell the GOP to quit picking on Harry Reid, who is the LEADER of them all.
(And they did this with a letter to the President. A letter containing a petition asking him to not pick on poor Harry. Talk about being out of power! My question to the Democrat Senators would be this: If the RNC should quit 'picking' on Harry Reid, what would change on YOUR side?)

2. Harry Reid and the Democrats he leads have offered nothing in the way of cooperation with President and the Republicans.

3. Harry Reid and the Democrats he leads have constantly attacked President Bush. his policies and his cabinet nominees in every way they can think of. Many, if not most, are vicious and very personal.

4. Harry Reid and the Democrats he leads have offered nothing positive as alternatives to the Presidents policies and proposals. Only opposition to the President.

5. The RNC's 13-page compilation, details Reids voting record. I don't hear any charges of them being untruthful.

6. The RNC's compilation accuses Reid of being an obstructionist to President Bush's agenda. I don't hear any charges of that being untruthful.

7. The RNC's compilation states that Reid lives in a costly condo when he is in Washington. I don't hear any dispute of that. And I also am not sure what that has to do with anything.

Considering the above, I think a better headline would be:

Democrats Don't Want Republicans Telling the Truth About Reid

An even better headline would be:

Democrats Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It

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