Thursday, February 10, 2005

Improving the Accuracy of Another Headline

Senator Drops Plan to Seek Second Term

From NY

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 - Senator Mark Dayton, Democrat of Minnesota, announced on Wednesday that he would not seek a second term, acknowledging that he faced a difficult re-election campaign in a state where Republicans have shown strength in recent statewide races.

"I do not believe that I am the best candidate to lead the D.F.L. party to victory next year," Mr. Dayton told reporters in an conference call, referring to the Democratic-Farm-Labor Party in Minnesota.

Mr. Dayton, heir to a retail fortune, said he did not believe that he could balance the extensive fund-raising that would be required for a strong campaign with his role as a full-time lawmaker.

"Everything I've worked for and everything I believe in depends upon this seat remaining in the Democratic caucus in 2007," he said.

Translation: He's been given the word from the Godfather of the Democrat party, "You need to move over and let someone run in 2006 who has some chance in hell of beating a Republican.

A more accurate headline would have been:

Another One-Term Dem Senator Quits to Avoid Embarrassing Re-Election Loss (aka John Edwards)

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