Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dem's Response to Social Security Problems

I love the typical Democrat response to the President's determination to REALLY FIX the social security problems that now exist. Here's a typical quote in today's letters to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by Charles Aldrich of Fayetteville:
"Claims of bankruptcy greatly exaggerated since 40 years from now 75-80 percent of benefits [will be] intact."
How comforting! So, Charles, if you extrapolate that out another few years, can we assume that maybe 60 percent of benefits will be intact 45 years from now and perhaps 40 percent of benefits will be intact 50 years from now? At what point would it become a problem in your alleged mind?

I know, he'd probably respond by saying that all we need to do is to "tweak" the program a bit to make the slight adjustments. What would you prefer, Charles, higher SS taxes, or reduced payouts to make these "slight adjustments"?

It's a problem and it needs a real fix now!

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