Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Suggested New Party Game: Pin a Clue on the Donkey.

A writer on Emerging Democratic Majority Weblog asks Democrats if they can all agree on the following four points as lessons learned during the past 12 months of politics. I have added my thoughts in highlights following each of the four points.

1. "Mobilization of partisans and ideologues is not enough; we need a persuasion strategy as well;"

This sounds a bit foggy to me. But I certainly believe it to be true IF it in fact ‘persuasion strategy’ means that Dems need to convert more voters over to their candidate (like about 3.5 million), while simultaneously NOT turning off any of their disparate base factions! Ooooh, this is going to take a lot of strategery and balance!

2. "We're the out-party now, and no longer have any excuse for behaving as the Party of Government;"

This is more or less true except for the fact that a sizable part of the Democrat party consists of Hollywood actors who spend their lives behaving as something other than what they really are.

3. "You just cannot win a presidential election without a clear, overarching message, defined as a theme or two that explain what you propose to do to organize public resources to address the needs and interests of the American people at home and abroad;"

Brilliant…looks like he just figgered out that hate alone won’t get‘er done (A little red-state lingo there). Now if the Dems just had a plausible ‘theme’ or two to use!

4. "That message must, for the foreseeable future, address the perceived weakness and incoherence of Democrats on national security issues; the perceived elitism and relativism of Democrats in terms of their understanding of the direction of American society and culture; and the perceived obsession of Democrats with a program-heavy, values-lite approach to economic and other domestic issues."

The old saying, "perception IS reality" has never been more true!

The writer then concludes: "Can we all agree on this? We may disagree on exactly how to address these four points, but we should all agree that these are the points to be addressed. ...it's up to all of us to provide our own recommendations in the months ahead."

OK….. I'll stay tuned. Hopefully it will be on C-SPAN.

Now you see why I thought of that new party game.

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