Thursday, December 30, 2004

Politicizing The Tsunami Disaster

Just How Low Can the Pathetic Left Go?

I've just returned home after a short trip. While travelling I listened on the radio as lib after lib took President Bush to task for waiting so long before going on TV to voice his sympathy with the victims of the terrible tsunami in southeast Asia, and to blast the USA for being such a tightwad in giving monetary support for the relief efforts to help them out.

"Why, we spend more money than that on the Iraqi war each day before breakfast" seems to be their theme of the day!

They imply that it would have been much better if he had appeared grim-faced before the cameras immediately after it happened and dabbed tears from his eyes while simultaneously gritting his teeth and flexing his jaw muscles aka Clinton. It never occurred to them that before going to TV to express our collective sorrow and our determination to AGAIN lead the world in humanitarian efforts, he actually might already doing something about it?

But now after I've gotten back home (Thursday pm), I've had a chance to see what the good ol' USA is already doing. Had to go to the internet. The network news sure hasn't told me anything good being done by our country.

* We have given a $35 million gift from the US taxpayers.

* Our 'evil' corporations have already collectively given and/or promised $60 million in money/goods/services.

* Nine Navy P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft have started flying reconnaissance sweeps from bases in Thailand and Diego Garcia over some of the areas believed to have suffered the worst damage.

* U.S. military disaster experts arrived in Thailand and Sri Lanka Wednesday to help plan relief efforts for thousands of tsunami survivors.

* A third team was scheduled to arrive in Indonesia on Thursday. The teams included medical experts, civil engineers, water purification and disease prevention specialists and logistics specialists.

* At least six C-130 US military cargo planes based in Japan have begun delivering food, fresh water, medicine and other emergency supplies.

* Meanwhile, the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group, with five ships and thousands of sailors, has been dispatched from Hong Kong and will likely take up station off the coast of Sumatra.

* Another Navy flotilla, the USS Bonhomme Richard expeditionary strike group, consisting of seven ships and 2,100 Marines based in Okinawa, has been diverted from port calls in Guam and Singapore to take up stations in the Bay of Bengal.

* These two navy groups are bringing in 37 helecopters to be used in rescue and relief work.

* Seven giant military supply ships, each capable of producing 90,000 gallons of fresh water a day, set sail from Guam in the Pacific and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The first two were expected to arrive in the disaster-stricken region within four to five days.

Maybe these are just a few of the things that President Bush was doing down in Crawford just after the disaster happened. Hmmmmm, maybe he wasn't just kicked back in an easy chair not giving a sh*t, like the pathetic rim folks would like for you to believe!!

God Bless the Victims, and
God Bless America!


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